Thursday, August 31, 2006

JAD Office Pool Winners

According to DaveScot, JAD's been banned at Uncommon Descent. We have our winners!

Here's the announcement by DaveScot at UDOJ -
"JAD was banned at 8:50pm, CST, on 8/30/06.

I banned him so I can't win anything. I don't know who this causes to win either.

The reason was he started flippantly talking about altar boys being molested by priests. Given the predominantly Christian participants of the blog I think this must have been his way of asking to banned again. I was happy to oblige."

(Dave, do you have a link for us on that? I browsed around but couldn't find his comments or his ban.)

That means our winners are Alan Fox and AJ! Congrats!

Email us your guest posts, and we'll get them up. The rules for the posts are in the original thread.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day Four. Windsor, Stonehenge, and Bath

Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Bath Abbey, The City of Bath, and the Roman Bath.

This butt belongs to a really sweet American lady from our hotel who was also on our tour. She joked we should take a picture of her butt and put it on the blog, so we did.

I like this one. I call it "Mother and Daughter at Stonehenge Inn." It's an inn we stopped at for lunch, not far from Stonehenge. Hence the name.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

London Day Three

Ok, I'm still not sleepy, just tired. Day three pics are from Saturday. We did St. Paul's, The Globe Theatre, The Sherlock Holmes Museum, Kensington Palace (no photography allowed inside), Kensington Gardens, and Leicester Square.

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London Day Two

The Tower of London, The College of Arms, The Tower Bridge, sundry other London pics.

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