Saturday, September 09, 2006

Fred Phelps Gets His Due

Whilst surfing around TotalFark, I found a link to this video. Fred Phelps Jr., freakozoid from Westboro Baptist Church, gets hit on.... by a man.

How funny is that? Fight the Hate with Love!

I love the opening exchange...

Reporter having some fun - "What do you say to critics who say 'God loves everyone'?"
Freak Phelps - "I say they don't know anything about the Bible, and they're lyin'."

Hey Moron! The Apostle John said "God is love" not God loves Baptists, or God has love for Freak Phelps, or God loves all the straight people, but God IS love. It was important enough for him to say it not once, but twice. 1 John 4:8 and 16

What about your biggie? John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world..." Did he mention sexual orientation there? Because if he did, it must have been in the original Greek, it's not in any of the English translations. Oh wait, I've read it in the original Greek, and it's not there either. The word translated as "world" is actually "kosmos", as in cosmos, as in the whole enchilada. It's not in the German version, either. "Also hat Gott die Welt geliebt..."

That's from your own holy book. I say YOU don't know anything about your own book of woo.

And check out the signs people are holding. Lovely little speaches of love, like "God hates cripple soldiers". Nice. I really take exception to that one. And "God is America's Terror", and "God Hates You".

Anyways, Phelps is an Asshole and the reporter really has some fun with Freak boy and friends. It's worth a look.

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