Thursday, November 02, 2006

Honeymoon In London

Videos from The Boy's Honeymoon DVD I made last year. I'm just getting around to translating them into wmv format for the web. There's a bunch o' parts, so they'll go up as I finish them. There's even end credits (which will be put up rather early in the process... Deal with it).

Once they're all uploaded, I'll sort them into the order in which they appear on the DVD, just for coherence...

[EDIT - All done!]

Our Hotel

Around London

Buckingham Palace

Windsor Castle

Bath, and the Roman Baths


Badger, the Aussie Bus Driver

Ben, Parliament, and The Abbey

St. Paul's Cathedral

Royal Horse Guards (and surrounding area)

Kensington Palace

The British Museum

The Eye and the Bridge

Natural History Museum, Part 1

Natural History Museum, Part 2

Tower Bridge

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Victoria and Albert Museum

Trafalgar Square

Tower of London

Wellington Square

Raphael, Our Concierge

End Credits (they came out like crapola on the web, sorry.)

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