Friday, June 30, 2006

On the essence of little boys

They suck

Let me tell you why below the fold.

I walked down to the local BP a while ago. I got some gum and while I was standing in line somebody pinched my butt!

I turned around and there's this little 12 year old dork all grinning from ear to ear. I whacked him a good one, too, right in his ear.

His Mom was all like "HEY!" I told her what the little *$^!@* did, and she drug him out of the store and wipped the crap out of him right there on the sidewalk.

I didn't really want him to get beat, but hey, learn some manners Heathen!


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On 7/01/2006 06:24:00 AM, Blogger JanieBelle waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

Hi Kayla!

Yeah, I really am having fun. I'm kinda feelin bad for that little boy now, though.

Maybe he learned to keep his hands to himself.

We might go to the beach today, but the weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate.



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