Monday, July 24, 2006

Adding On To Dante

It may be the greatest hubris, but let me just add one level of Hell

Via the ever lovely Dr. Tara Smith, comes this MSNBC article.

Pregnancy Centers Misled Women on Abortion

I suppose it's predictable enough, but it's always a shock to see it anyways.

From the article:

Care Net, an umbrella group for evangelical pregnancy centers across the country, instructs its affiliates to tell callers there is a possibility that abortion can lead to greater risk of breast cancer, according to Molly Ford, an official with the organization. She said there have been several studies that say it does, and several that say it doesn't.

I'm sorry, did I read that wrong? Evangelical pregnancy centers? Are these the same folks that pretend to be abortion clinics, but never actually give abortions? Either way, they're lying to women about health issues to trick them into doing what the fundies want.

If your position is solid, why do you need to lie about it? Why is it necessary to trick people into adopting your position? If the evidence backs you up, you shouldn't have any problem that would warrant lying and deceit.

This is indeed what is commonly referred to as "Lying for Jesus". Seems to me their own God would be ashamed of them.

Since we were just talking about Dante's The Divine Comedy in another thread, it seems appropriate, though perhaps arrogant, that I should add a bit to The Inferno:

There is one extra special level of Hell set aside for people who lie to women about their health, just to promote their religion. I suspect it is full of Fundy Christians.

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