Saturday, July 22, 2006

Up Late With The New Guy

Kate and I stayed up late last night with The New Guy.

With no interweb, we decided to watch a couple movies on DVD, and then we caught "The New Guy" on TV.

Let me just say that Eliza Dushku is the second hottest chicky on the planet. (Next to Kate, of course.)

Talk about great hair. And legs. And abs. And boobs. And hair.

And Geez O Man can she work it when she's leading cheers and dancing! If she had ever popped into OUR locker room, there'd have been an incident. One that would have gone down in school history.

For those of you who've never seen it, there's another scene where she's riding a mechanical bull. She's wearing a top that's basically a big bandanna.

Watching her ride the bull is very sexy. Slow and sensual. Like making love.

Gotta tell ya', it wound me up. Apparently it wound Kate up, too.

Yeah, Kate's getting a mechanical bull and a bandanna for Christmas. I'm getting The New Guy and Bring It On on DVD.

(Written Saturday morning 7/22/06, still offline)

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