Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorists Really Don't Like Me

Last year, before I went to London, the little bastards went after buses and the tube.

This year, it's airplanes.

After the July 7th bombings, my family all discussed our pending trip to London. We figured, "Hey, with all the security, London's probably the safest city in the world right now."

We happened to be on the Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath tour the day of the second attacks, but still. Kind of scary, but Londoners went right back to living.

This year, less than a week before our trip, more terrorists were caught targeting planes going to the U.S. from Heathrow Airport. Great. Just frickin' lovely. What the Hell do they have against my going to London?

Now my first reaction is the same as last year. "London is probably the safest city in the world right now. And Heathrow the safest airport. And flights to the U.S. safest of all. Look, they're even adding more sky marshalls. (Homeland Security FINALLY does something worth paying for!)"

That's a lot like I thought last year, though. Dad wants me to cancel. Well, he's encouraging me to think about cancelling.

Then what? The terrorists decide to go after Columbus? I shouldn't ever go home? They go after Camp Lejeune, I move to the mountains? They blow up a Food Lion, I go buy food at Walmart? Where does it end?


That is my answer. No. I will not be dictated to, I will not be intimidated, I will not reschedule my life to suit the maniacs of any religion. I will not do it for Christian whack-jobs, I will not do it for Muslim whack-jobs, I will not do it for Atheist whack-jobs. They will not win. I may pay for that decision with my life, but I will not cower, I will not bend my neck, I will not submit.


I will not lie below.

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