Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's Your Seduction Style?

So I just took a test. "What's your secuction style?"

Results below the fold.

Then it says "You need the Sinner Guide". Hell, I wrote it.

Anyways, clicking on that brings up some pictures in the handbook, each with a caption...

A Pentagram - "Place on front door, bedpost, forehead, anywhere that you want to say 'Hey, I'm evil'."

A flask - "Lighten the mood or dull the shame. Real hedonists keep a steady supply of booze on their person at all times."

Handcuffs - "Use these to exercise restraint, or as a conversation piece on your desk at work. Coworkers love it when you rattle these and wink at them."

Naked Photos of Self - "Give these to people you might want to have sex with. Slutty is the new black."

Scissors - "Oh the uses are manifold. Make sure to run with them because you're bad."

Extra set of keys - "Place in fishbowl. Wait for stranger to retrieve them."

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