Wednesday, December 06, 2006

KaylaFace's Bulletin

This is too funny not to mention....

On MySpace (you can view my MySpace profile here and Kate's is here and Dr. BadAstronomer has one too!), there's a thing called a bulletin, which is sort of like an instant message to all your friends at once.

I got one yesterday from KaylaFace....

My Dad

Is the coolest guy in the whole world, and I love him more than all of you losers.

And no, this is not her Dad sneaking into her room while she's playing with the dog to post this when she isn't looking.

This is Kayla, and I mean it. Dad is cool. Dad is awesome. Dad rocks.

And this is a lesson to all her friends to not walk away from your computers while your Dad is home.

Not that this is her Dad or nuthin.

Because it's not.

Just so y'know.

He stole that last line from me.

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