Thursday, September 14, 2006

Michigan Stands Up For Children

Kristine Harley has a short post up at the Amused Muse, about requiring vaccinations for HPV.

(P.S. This post also involves strippers.)

It's a quicky, but we like quickies just fine. Concise and elegant. From the post:

People are always pointing at scientists and screaming, “Why don’t you find a cure for cancer?” Well, now that scientists finally have, loopy-loo fundies deny the treatment for their daughters! Screw them. Not only should this vaccination be required for all young girls, any parent who seriously thinks that this “encourages immorality” should have his or her children taken away. They aren't fit to be parents.

Well said, Kristine.

We've posted before on our feelings about people who deny women proper medical care in order to promote their religion.

Our favorite female hottie Assistant Professor of Epidemiology has a good article on the history of the vaccine (further links worth checking out in that post), and via that same hottie, Rebecca the Skepchick posts a great logical argument against the use of the vaccine.

(As a complete aside, a quick scan through Rebecca's recent posts revealed a gem about Strippers and Science! What's not to love about this Skepchick?)

[ETA - Dr. Tara picked up on Kristine's post via this post, and we got a hat-tip at Aetiology!]

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On 9/14/2006 07:28:00 PM, Blogger JanieBelle waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

And Well said, Relic.

(In the comments at Aetiology.)


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