Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Setting up my new computer, actually. Kate braved the insanity on Friday to pick me up a new computer. She rocks my world!

So here's where I've ended up computationally speaking...

Since my old desktop was sort of pieced together from scratch, what I had was a 1.2 ghz processor, 120 g hard drive, a DVD RW drive, a monster 17" monitor, etc. etc.

Grabbing the best of my old computer and jamming it into my new computer, I now have 200 gigs of hard drive space, a 3.2 ghz processor, a flat LCD monitor (only 15", but still way better than the huge ass monster that used to occupy most of my desk) and a DVD rom/ CDRW in addition to the DVD writer from the old beast.

The internal fans are much quiter, too. The XP Media Center Edition came preloaded, and I get a free upgrade to Vista when it eventually comes out. I don't know if I'll switch my OS right away, though, given Microsoft's penchant for beta testing its crap on an unsuspecting world. We'll see.

I'm still re-installing software that I have loaded on the old hard drive, since a bunch of it won't run now that the old hard drive is the F drive and not the C drive.

I'm keeping the old keyboard. I've been using the new one, but I don't like it, and neither does Kate.

I think I'll pick up a little hard drive and a copy of XP Home to load on it, and give the old dinosaur to Aunt Helen. She's been after Cousin Bob for a while to get her set up with a computer, but he's stuck on the idea of getting her the latest, greatest, biggest, baddest system on the market. She's nearly 70, and just wants to be able to email and scan pictures and stuff. She doesn't need to spend 3K on a computer.

I'll be the favorite for a very long time, I think. Of course, that means I volunteer to be tech support, which I'm not so thrilled with, but for Aunt Helen, I'll do it.

Aunt Helen rocks.

Oh, and I've also been reading "The Selfish Gene" in my spare time. I'm on like page 3. (I'm a busy girl, whattdya want?)

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