Monday, July 17, 2006

So Daddy Caught Mommy

reading this blog last night...

Dad hasn't really paid much attention to the blog since the beginning.

Until last night.

Apparently, my mother was laying in bed and reading some of the goings on here. And she was blushing. My mother. Blushing. In all my 17 years, I have NEVER, not once, seen my mother blush. (Not even after the incident with the unlocked bedroom door!) I have accomplished something few people in the history of the human race will ever hope to manage.

Well, that was just too much for my father not to investigate. Apparently, he spent over two hours paging through this blog last night. I have the logs to prove it.

Mom says his brow was furrowed the entire time. He occasionally managed a grunt. You know the one Dads give. Hmmmph. That was it, for the whole time.

After he was done, he closed the laptop. He looked over at Mom. Mom said she was a little worried.

And then he burst out laughing his ass off.

His one comment?

"Well what did you EXPECT, YOU RAISED HER!" ...and then he playfully called my mother a name that I will not repeat, only because it came from my father's mouth in reference to my mother. Their pet names are their business.

Gotta love my Daddy.

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