Thursday, August 03, 2006

Initial Thoughts on IE7 beta 3

Janie and I figured out the best way for us to deal with posting from one laptop was for one of us to stay logged in on FireFox, and one on IE.

Guess who gets to use the Fox?

I'm not really upset about that, it makes sense. My idea, actually. She does most of the posting and commenting anyway, and I still use the Fox for surfing. I've just been keeping one IE window open in the background for UDOJ.

But I figured if I'm gonna use the beast, I'd at least use the NEWEST beast, with tabs and plugins. So I installed IE7 beta 3.

hmmmm.... not too bad. Definitely better. Pretty. It's got a handful of bugs, though. Annoyances, really.

First thing I notice is that all the blogspot blogs with images at the top are a little funky. The top image slips up under the blogger navigation bar. Didn't do that before.

But my main beef with it concerns the RSS feeds. Up in the new, smaller toolbar, there's a button for RSS feeds. Cool, I installed two such buttons in our FireFox toolbar, one for our blog, and one for BBC news, and it works great. In FireFox, when you are surfing around the web, and want to see what's up at another site, you hit the button, and a drop down menu appears with all the headlines appearing on the main page of the site your button is linked to. You can be anywhere on the web, hit the button, and see the latest posts at UDOJ or BBC News, and if you see one that catches your eye, you click the headline. Takes you straight to that story.

In IE7, somebody doesn't really get the point of the RSS feed. In IE7, the RSS feed button only gives you the feed for the site you're on. Well what's the point of that? Then, if you click the button, it takes you to a page that is basically just a white version of the page you just left, with all the formatting stripped out.

That's about the most useless thing I've ever seen in a browser. THE POINT of an RSS feed is so that I can see if there's anything new at a site WITHOUT having to go there. And if I'm already there, why do I need an RSS feed?

Somebody at Microsoft has been programming without their thinking cap on.

Which is par for the course.

At least it's pretty.

2 Eloquent Orations:

On 8/04/2006 04:20:00 AM, Blogger DaveScot waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

A browser is really a poor place to build in a news aggregator. Asking a browser to be all things to all people is asking for trouble. News aggregation is an application unto itself. There are literally hundreds of ways to do it. I don't use any of them. I've become a Luddite cowering in the safety of familiar people, places, and practices. If I visit a site a lot it rises to the top of the favorites menu and the most often visited becomes the home page. If you live long enough to reach the point where you fart dust you'll understand. If you live far beyond that point you become Dohn A. Javison. Hara-kiri should be seriously considered sometime prior.


On 8/04/2006 04:34:00 AM, Blogger JanieBelle waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

"A browser is really a poor place to build in a news aggregator."

I really like having the button in the toolbar. I start the browser, and when I'm ready to check out the news, I hit the button. A drop down appears with just the headlines. There's like 30 headlines for the BBC button for example. I can skim down through them and only even go to the BBC's website if there's something that catches my eye.

Fer instance, the headlines might read:

Dog bites mailman
Javison says something stupid and irrelevant
WWIII breaks out, millions die
Two hot chicks kiss on blog
Team India wins at Cricket

I can just click the one interesting story, and go straight to that story. It's a continually updating list of headlines. Blogspot blogs come with one built in. I have one for our place (just so I have quick links to whatever stories are on the front page), and I could add one for Dave's Digs if I wanted. It wouldn't work well for Javison's sewer, since there'd only ever be one headline.

"If you live far beyond that point you become Dohn A. Javison. Hara-kiri should be seriously considered sometime prior."

I would hope there was at least one person on this green earth who loved me enough to shoot me long before I ever reached that stage.



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