Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Local Surfer Kid Becomes Shark Bait

Sharks are popping up in the news everywhere. This morning, they're right here in Onslow County.

Via Kristine at Amused Muse for instance, comes the story of the walking shark at MSNBC.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
From the Jacksonville Daily News, comes Shark Bites Onslow Surfer.

Jake Poland went to Onslow Beach on Saturday to catch a few waves. Instead, he came out of the water with a new nickname: “Shark Bait.”

Poland, 16, spent five hours at Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital on Saturday being treated for a shark bite. The bite was confirmed by personnel in the emergency room, according to Naval Hospital officials Monday.

Owww.. There's a picture of his shorts (or what's left of them).
“He’s kind of become a celebrity,” his mother said. “The phone has been ringing off the hook.”

Wow. Just wow. If that's what it takes to get a date around here, I think I'd rather just hang out at the fireworks display.

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