Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shakespeare Steals Home

I'd give anything to have had this on video...

So I just had the pup out, but he wasn't happy about coming back in the house from the back yard. I hollered at him a few times, because it was raining, and eventually I gave up and just watched him from inside the storm door. After a minute or two, the rain really picked up, and started raining really really hard. Shakespeare's only been out in the rain a time or two, and only once in a good downpour. He was wiggin' out, hopping around, trying to snap at whatever it was that was getting him all wet. Truly funny stuff.

Finally, he gave up. He suddenly did this incredible speed lap around the whole outside of the back yard, then bolted for all he was worth for the door. I was a little afraid I wouldn't get the door open in time, but I just barely got it open before he would have crashed into it. So through the door he comes like a bat out of hell.

Our back door is from the patio to the garage. The garage has a smooth concrete floor. Dog paws aren't great brakes on smooth concrete floors.

Shakespeare has dog paws.

Way too funny to even express to you all without video.

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