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What Are People Saying about DaveScot?

Over at the Amused Muse, DaveScot said "I was just following google hits to "davescot" around. No conspiracy. Just narcissism." Well this got me to chuckling, and wondering, just what ARE people around the web saying about UD's version of Howard Stern? At the risk of feeding the ego, the google results are below the fold.

Uncommon Descent: The Intelligent Design Weblog of William Dembski ...
by DaveScot on November 2nd, 2006 · 19 Comments. From the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works… Renowned Scientist Defects From Belief in ...
www.uncommondescent.com/ - 24k - Nov 5, 2006

Ok, first up, we of course have a link to UD. It's to the "Global Cooling" post Dave made on November 2nd. We're interested in what is being said about Dave, not by Dave, so we'll move on.

DaveScot: See what people are saying right now on Technorati
See all blog posts tagged with DaveScot on Technorati.
www.technorati.com/tags/DaveScot - 37k

The first page of Technorati links consist of a link to CommonDescent, a blog purporting to be a "place for non moderated Comments and Discussions about Intelligent Design and Co. And Nobody will edit your comment" (according to its header), a link to the same UD post as above, and six hits to Comments on ID and Creationism.

First CommonDescent, a "place for non moderated Comments and Discussions about Intelligent Design and Co. And Nobody will edit your comment". Strangely enough, though, each post has an editor listed... lessee.... DaveScot, Denyse O'Leary, PaV, oh..... Looks like the blog just mirrors UD, Telic Thoughts, Post-Darwinist, etc. Strangely enough, no comments on the posts. Now, I don't mean "only a few comments", and I don't mean "most of the posts". I'm talking ZERO comments on ANY of the posts. Funny that, given its header.

So we can't see anyone saying anything about Dave here, either. We have to move on.

As for Comments On ID and Creationism, it's most relevent page on Dave is found here. Not terribly flattering, Daveyboy. Better luck with the next hit.

Pharyngula::Don't post, just watch
Two people that I did evict a while back are John Davison and DaveScot. ... The best part: near the end, Davison and DaveScot start bickering with each ...
pharyngula.org/index/weblog/comments/dont_post_just_watch/ - 35k -

Well, I think we can all guess what PZ thinks of Dave. We can keep going, I think.

The Austringer » Censorship at PT? I Don’t Think So.
But there are some behaviors that shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, and both “Evolving Apeman” and “DaveScot” violated a clearly stated rule at PT. ...
austringer.net/wp/?p=112 - 38k -

Ditto Wes.

Clever Beyond Measure: Prodigious genius DaveScot turns out to be ...
DaveScot, who is William Dembski's alpha-lapdog at Uncommon Descent, seems to have ... Nonetheless, here DaveScot shares some info regarding his prodigious ...
jswynne.typepad.com/gropes/2006/07/prodigious_geni.html - 40k -

Ditto Jim. Anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Feed Yourself To The Moss.: DaveScot is Not a Laughing Matter
I am talking about DaveScot. He is a man I cynically laughed at, ... DaveScot is clearly not the man whose clear religiosity and lack of science training ...
schmittvandean.blogspot.com/2006/01/davescot-is-not-laughing-matter_31.html - 22k -

Well here's one we're not familiar with...

At first glance, Reverend Schmitt seems supportive!

I have done a great disservice to a scientist, a singular man in the evolution-Intelligent Design debate, whose unique and fresh look at the discussion deserves far more limelight from both sides.

I am talking about DaveScot. He is a man I cynically laughed at, denigrated and abused when I found he would be blogging at Uncommon Descent, the antievolution blog of Discovery Institute fellow William Dembski. As usual when reality counters my pessimism I am proud to announce that I was wrong and that I am truly sorry. I should have known better. The signs were there.

Huh. Oh wait. My sarcasm meter might need adjusting...

As an agnostic DaveScot rejects the theism so common to his brothers-in-arms - he is living proof that supporters of Intelligent Design are not necessarily motivated by religion. He states his agnosticism thus: 'The game was rigged for life to win. Anyone who argues with that is either uninformed or in denial.' As an agnostic myself I can only admire the conviction he holds - so lacking in other agnostics - that the universe was crafted by some sort of intelligent entity with Godlike abilities. DaveScot is clearly not the man whose clear religiosity and lack of science training caused me to place Uncommon Descent in the 'religion' section of my blogroll.


My apologies, I am getting off track. My point is this: I am truly sorry for suggesting that it would be hilarious if DaveScot was made a blogger at Uncommon Descent. There is absolutely nothing funny going on over there, and DaveScot is a profoundly sciencey addition to the entire enterprise.

Update: the last link in this post no longer works, as it appears William Dembski deleted DaveScot's rant. Oh, DaveScot, had you only been faster with the ol' banning stick. Now religion will forever be a part of Uncommon Descent. This is a sad day for opponents to the Darwinian hegemony.

-The Rev. Schmitt.

Ouch. Well it seemed like there might be some hope for some positive review of Dave. Guess not.

Creation Bits: DaveScot is Destroying Dembski's Blog [Updated, not ...
It seems that DaveScot is trying his best to alienate everyone who disagrees with ... DaveScot is essentially the new Commander-in-Chief of Dembski's blog, ...
crevobits.blogspot.com/2006/01/davescot-is-destroying-dembskis-blog.html - 50k -

Ooblog » Blog Archive » DaveScot Scores an Own Goal
DaveScot strikes again ! « Comments on ID and creationism Says: ... DaveScot Scores an Own Goal Over at chez Dembski, the craniorectally inverted DaveScott ...
www.ooblick.com/weblog/2006/06/11/davescot-scores-an-own-goal/ - 17k -

DaveScot” is a Fucking Moron « Superlicious
And Christian Fundamentalist idiot, as evidenced by these three comments all in the same thread. Christ on a hot tin.
pianoman.wordpress.com/2005/11/01/davescot/ - 14k -

Positive Liberty » Blog Archive » Why DaveScot Should Stop Playing ...
DaveScot is an especially belligerent idiot who was happily adopted as a co-blogger by ... Why DaveScot Should Stop Playing Lawyer DaveScot is an especially ...
positiveliberty.com/2006/07/why-davescot-should-stop-playing-lawyer.html - 28k -

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