Monday, July 10, 2006

The Pampering of JanieBelle

Sorry, I'm still having trouble concentrating. Oh, sweet distraction. Corporal Kate spoiled me so bad yesterday...

After our little escapade with the little blue-haired, blue polka dot dress wearing old ladies at church yesterday, Kate and I spent the whole afternoon alone together.

When I was done yacking on the phone with Mom, she closed the door and undressed me. (ok, first I wrote about our trip to church, THEN she closed the door and undressed me.) She wouldn't let me help. Then she took me to the bathroom, and gave me a bath. Like a little kid, but better. She made sure I was eeky squeeky clean. She really took her time and kept telling me to just relax. It was soooooo calming. Except when she tickled my feet and made me get water everywhere! Huz, she made a mess. Or I did, I guess, but it was her fault!

She even washed my hair with this shampoo she brought with her. It had cherry blossom smell in it. Oh God that felt good. She even shaved my legs for me. That was a little weird at first, and kind of awkward, but after I got into it- let me just tell ya'- There is NOTHING like having someone else shave your legs. Guys, you will just never know. Then I just laid in the tub for a while, until I got all pruny.

After like an hour, Kate got me out and dried me off, and made me lay down in bed on my tummy and started rubbing my back. Mmmmmm... (I had a massage once when I turned sixteen. I got a trip to this day spa from my Mom. This was way better!) She rubbed my back from my feet all the way to my head for forever, and I fell asleep. Talk about divine!

I woke up a little later and Kate was all snuggled up next to me. She was awake, and all smiling at me. Anyways, she got out my red babydoll and put it on me. Then she gave me a manicure and a pedicure. Now my nails are all pretty again. It was like having my own personal attendant for the whole day. By the time she was done, I felt like Queen Elizabeth.

Of course, I ALWAYS reward my faithful servants... She got a BIG thank you, and she's getting another one when she gets home tonight. A thank you that starts with O.

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On 7/10/2006 02:55:00 PM, Blogger JanieBelle waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

HAHA! That was quick! Mom just called. She says she's next in line!

She'll say thank you with Hallmark, though.

You're so funny Mom.



On 12/12/2006 01:59:00 PM, Blogger Old Knudsen waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

Strange but thats the way I spend most wednesdays, Billy one ear comes over to spoil me, or if hes been drinking he beats me up and bundles me into a cuppboard while he looks for me money jar, ah happy days.


On 12/12/2006 02:44:00 PM, Blogger JanieBelle waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

but does he shave your legs?

Now THAT is divine.


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