Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good Morning From London

So we've been pretty busy, and not had a great deal of time to do much blogging.

So whilst Davison was sneaking his perversions onto the board, and blipey and DaveScot have been digitally haranguing each other, here's what we've been doing.

We've been to the Tower of London, St. Paul's, the Natural History Museum, and some other touristy kinds of things.

I bought Kate this beautiful hand-made necklace and bracelet from the artisan in Covent Garden.

But our favorite stop so far was Westminster Abbey. I've seen the memorial and burial stone of Isaac Newton. Also buried nearby are Faraday and another scientist who's name escapes me just now...(I overslept and my brain isn't in gear yet, give me a break.)

But most interesting and cool in terms of our blog here, we have touched the white marble stone beneath which lie the remains of Charles Darwin. It was strange to think of a man beneath there, given that he has become so much larger than life in the argument of religion vs. evolution.

It was also odd in a more tangible way. Most of the grave stones in the floor of Westminster Abbey are black. A very few it seems, are white, and his was one of those. It's off in a corner, near the last bit of the tour before you leave, and several scientists, including Faraday, Newton, and Darwin are all buried close together. Sort of a "scientists corner" like the poets corner.

Having a wonderful time, wish you were here.


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