Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Public Apology to James Wynne

I would like to take just a moment of your time to say "I'm sorry".

I noticed this morning that the backlink to my post "I Like Big Words" has disappeared.

There are several possible reasons for this:

1. James took some time to cool off, and is reconsidering his words.

2. The software that detects links is not working.

3. There was a public outcry over the things he said, and he chose not to have the world blasting him for being a meanie.

I like to try and think the best of people, so I choose to believe choice 1.

In that light, I would like to publicly apologize to James for being too harsh, too quick to judge, and possibly too generally bitchy. (Please excuse my French.)

I would also like to invite James to return to my blog to comment. I won't remove the comments that I made, because I think that would be dishonest, and appear to put more of the share of blame on James than he deserves.

James, if you would like to comment on my blog, and you can do it in a positive way, I hereby apologize and invite you back. I'm sorry. I was wrong to ban you from here, wrong to insult you, and wrong to portray you in the light that I did.

Since everyone else has declined the floor in the Science Thread (except Arden, who has apparently chosen not to comment), I will, by way of apology, open the floor to you to make the first positive argument for evolution within the rules of that thread.

Further, if the conversation there and elsewhere on my blog continues for a while without any more insults or attempts to spam my blog, I will consider removing the comment moderation, which I hate anyway.

Again, I apologize.

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